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Balloons Toys your Guaranty of confidence.

$47.00 | 41 Euro
$49.00 | 43 Euro
$49.00 | 43 Euro
$49.00 | 43 Euro
$49.00 | 43 Euro
$57.00 | 50 Euro
$57.00 | 50 Euro
$57.00 | 50 Euro
$57.00 | 50 Euro
$57.00 | 50 Euro
$67.00 | 59 Euro
$67.00 | 59 Euro
$69.00 | 61 Euro
$77.00 | 68 Euro
$77.00 | 68 Euro
$77.00 | 68 Euro
$77.00 | 68 Euro
$77.00 | 68 Euro
$89.00 | 78 Euro
$97.00 | 85 Euro
$99.00 | 87 Euro
$99.00 | 87 Euro
$99.00 | 87 Euro

  بيان هام جدا من بالونز تويز ضبيه:
   ان الغاز المستعمل لدينا لنفخ البالونات هو فقط غاز الهيليوم الآمن جدا وغير القابل للاشتعال ومصدرنا الاساسي والوحيد لغاز الهيليوم هو شركة الهواء السائل في لبنان ش. م. ل.
Air Liquide S.A.L.
ولم ولن نستعمل اي مصدر او اي غاز آخر .
ومع كل بالون نعطي شهادة بأن الغاز المعبأ فيه هو هيليوم ومن هذا المصدر فقط.

Balloons Toys your Guaranty of confidence

 Kids, teenagers, and adults; boys and girls; no matter who we are, we all like to receive original gifts and gadgets. What is more joyful than balloons? What can make someone smile and be in a better mood from the first impression? From the moment he or she sees what we bought him or her? Is it a big and expensive gift? I do not think so. Or maybe it is something nice that can be interactive? It can be definitely a balloon, a gift or present, or a toy; all these kinds can be found together under one roof, one site that gathers them all under its wings: it is balloonstolebanon.comAs we all know, we are never big for this kind of souvenirs that we get from our family members or our friends in different occasions. Even though we are twenty or thirty or sixty years old, we will certainly enjoy receiving a balloon that wishes us a happy birthday or on mother’s or father’s day, on valentine with a red rose expressing love and accompanied with a small card where we can write what we feel, “it’s a boy” when a boy is born and “it’s a girl” when a girl is born. And of course, we shall never forget that colors are combined to the event or occasion, and are also related to the person who is sending them and the one who is receiving them. It depends on a personal choice and taste. For example, generally, boys and men get blue balloons, and girls and women get pink ones. We can write any couples of words you like to put on the chosen balloon, so you can be special and make the person you are sending the gift to also feel very special.


Besides all balloons we have, Gift, Flower, we offer you a collection of toys, gadgets and little gifts that revive a lot of memories inside of you, so you can attach them to the balloons or send them alone.

We offer you in our site a variety of ideas that you can choose to send. A multitude of balloons of all shapes and colors that correspond to all your events, from the smallest to the biggest ones is available. If you want to celebrate your one year child birthday, we have what you need. And if you need balloons for a party or an engagement, and furthermore for a wedding, we can provide all the necessary so that your big day would be amazing.

In order to be professional, we assist you with all the help that you might need if you are confused about the balloons to buy. We stand next to you from the beginning till you accomplish what you have to do. And we can assure you that our delivery system is wide and really fast so you will never be late with, because we send balloons to any place you want, inside Lebanon and outside it, within 24 hours.


I loved balloonstolebanon.com service  and I think that you have very special ideas concerning this field. Great job!



The big “arrangement” of balloons you advised me for my sister’s birthday was amazing, she loved it.



It is really fantastic how you can put together balloons and flowers, it is unique and lovely.



I want to thank you for helping me choose a balloon with a small toy for my niece on her birthday, everybody appreciated this move.



I always liked new concepts and ideas, and I think you excelled this time because everyone is optimistic about you.

especially the delivery on time.


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